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Love (n.) 
Giving someone the power to destroy you, and trusting them not to.

Couples Counseling in English


Depending on prior experiences, personality and environment, sooner or later, most couples face minor or major challenges along the road. Additional to the common risk factors in all relationships, intercultural relationships often times also carry the impacts of migration, such as social isolation, language barriers, home sickness and a generally different value system between both partners.


This can lead to miscommunication, a feeling of alientation and hopelessness. Fortunately, most relationship wounds can be mended, even if it feels impossible in times of great upheaval und hurt. Crises, no matter how hurtful they feel, can create space and willingness to fundamentally change and grow for both partners.



About me

Living in an intercultural marriage since 18 years and across different countries myself, I am very much familiar with the day-to-day challenges of both - the partner, who left their home country for love as well as the partner, who welcomed their love in their home. Helping couples to reconnect and heal is therefore one of my greatest professional blessings. 

How I work

As a trained emotionally focused couples therapist (EFT), I focus mainly on the negative and rigid interaction patterns that typically lead to distress, disconnection and attachment wounds between couples. Emotionally focused couples therapy is an effective and structured short term therapy (5 to 15 sessions) developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and is rooted in research on love and attachment in adult relationships.

To see my official listing as an eft trained therapist, click here.


Reasons for seeking counseling

  • conflicts and arguments

  • relationship crises

  • affairs

  • conflicts around sexuality

  • mental problems of one or both partners

  • jealousy

  • intercultural challenges

  • support during separation or divorce

Fees                                       per 60 min

Counseling in person:                       120.- CHF

Online counseling English:               120.- CHF

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